What is Freestyle - Lifestyle Wedding Photography?

Along with Amazing, the other words that describe Chuck’s Wedding Photography is: Affordable, Reasonable, Value Packed. One bride recently said “Chuck felt like part of the family. He is easy to get along with and just fun to be around.”

Chuck is know best for his free-flowing technique that used by just a few photographers around the world. It’s a style that is best suited to telling a story, wanting to use maximum creativity when doing so and making sure that everyone involved has a whole lot of fun! It captures the heart & soul of an event.

What type of photographs are created using this approach?

Classic & romantic poses, relaxed & casual shots, photojournalistic, high fashion, edgy styling and creates a unique look from nearly any location. Many of us have backgrounds as Photojournalists as well as Commercial / Advertising Photographers because this crosses several photographic areas.

Can any photographer shoot this way? Actually No.

Shooting weddings is a very demanding responsibility. It requires confidence, the ability to communicate well with others, deal with “surprises”, be highly organized, and often times the ability to entertain. As with most professionals who are really good at what they do, a good Freestyle Photographer makes it "look" easy. It is actually the hardest photography but the most rewarding that I have done.

What kind of equipment do we use?

In this style the photographer travels light and fast. There is a reason for this. Big bulky equipment slows you down and creates restrictions. Of course only the very best cameras and lenses are used. This is essential when you combine the creative eye and good quality image capture that top notch cameras deliver. A lot of the magic that is captured in Freestyle comes from the ability to sculpt and utilize available light, add artificial light when necessary and to create memorable photographs.

How many images are usually in the wedding?

There are many variables that determine the number of images you can expect. Because Freestyle does not use a “cookie– cutter” approach, where the story is the heart and soul of Freestyle, the number varies. A good rule of thumb is between 500 on the lower end, but often 1200 images or more on the longer weddings.

Are your weddings in this style more expensive?

Yes and No. A top-notch wedding photographer typically commands the best price, but there is a reason for this. You don’t go to Mc Donald’s and expect 5 star cuisine. It is the same with photographers, by in large, you get what you pay for. The true value is in the talent, skill, attitude, experience, work, creativity and confidence that a top notch photographer brings to your wedding day memories, and the photographs that you, your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

All that said, times are tight for many people that’s why there is flexibility in packages and payment terms.

Give me a call or email today and let us Capture one of Your Life’s Finest Moments.

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Two words, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! love the pics..  Im trying to decide between them but i will let u know as soon as i do. :) thank you. Melissa